Day: May 6, 2020

Web hosting concept
Web hosting is the process of providing a virtual space on the internet for the hosting of websites. It is a collaborative effort to develop the website through an appropriate and effective search engine optimization process, allowing visitors to access the website as well as to register and pay the charges. The website uses a […]
Concept of domain authority
A domain authority is a web site’s ranking in Google, the major search engine. It is also known as Domain Authority or Domain Power. In many cases, an individual or organization can earn up to 30% of the search engine results page. So how does one obtain domain authority? The simplest way is to use […]
Website hosting
Web hosting and SEO are often thought of as one and the same. While there is a strong correlation between these two aspects of internet marketing, it’s important to recognize that there are actually a number of differences between them. The main difference in web hosting and SEO is the nature of their service. Hiring […]