Basic Types of Web Hosting Solutions

Basic Types of Web Hosting Solutions

Web hosting is the process of providing a virtual space on the internet for the hosting of websites. It is a collaborative effort to develop the website through an appropriate and effective search engine optimization process, allowing visitors to access the website as well as to register and pay the charges. The website uses a database system that keeps information on web pages like emails, schedules, prices, etc. The host is responsible for backing up the data and for any accidental loss.

Some of the companies providing this service offer both managed hosting and managed hosting solutions.

Web hosting solutions are different from each other as the latter involves the need for setting up and maintaining the entire server, while the former requires only for the services to be integrated into the server at the time of the customer’s request.

The features provided by the different types of web hosting solutions are summarized below:

Infrastructure Management Panel: Managed hosting solutions offer the client with a control panel, or management system. It is used to monitor all aspects of the server including its inventory, tools, system maintenance, and business administration. This control panel is integrated with some systems like database, web hosting, email servers, etc.

Web Hosting Solutions: Most of the web hosting solutions are managed via the control panel. However, there are some types of web hosting solutions that do not need a control panel.

Web Hosting with Multiple Servers: The most common types of web hosting include simple web hosting that allows hosting of a single website on a single server, shared web hosting where a small portion of the bandwidth is allocated to a single website, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting. The third type of web hosting is dedicated server where all the traffic will be directed to a single server with the main reason being that there will be no downtime. Each of these types of web hosting is different from each other in terms of features provided.

One of the biggest factors influencing the access level is the level of functionality and the security provided by the web hosting provider.

Many companies offer a free account to webmasters and website administrators who can upload a basic page that serves the purpose of search engine optimization.

Most of the free accounts will require the users to set up their own database, but most of them will also require registration to add the possibility of paying their maintenance costs. The main advantage of free accounts is that they do not require a technical knowledge of web design and web development.

All the web hosts offering managed hosting solutions also include services like advanced web applications, e-commerce, shopping cart functionality, advanced features, advertising integration, customer support, and telephony features like database management. The full package of services of a web host include managed services and unlimited storage space.

Newer technologies have also been included in the design of the web hosting platform to make the services available even to those who do not have the required technical knowledge. However, some of the hosting solutions still make use of the older technologies like Perl and Apache as the older versions are still considered better for the average website builder.

Web hosting solutions are very convenient for most people. However, it has been found that certain features do not come free of charge.

If you plan to invest some money, you can take some of the features like mail services at low rates and you can select another option for the domain name, your website hosting provider can also provide a high rate of savings. Therefore, if you are planning to invest some money for your website, consider the advantages of the many web hosting options you can choose from.

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