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All web hosting is the same, right? Wrong. A good web host does different things and takes in different quantities of data to support your website. So there are different types of web hosting. The host itself acts as the middleman, passing your requests to a site where they are processed. The source or “back […]
SSL Encryption
SSL certificates are required to perform transactions online. SSL certificates are mainly used for authenticating web servers. A web server is required to provide SSL certificates for online transactions when a transaction is executed on its website. It offers authentication for verifying the identity of the site user. In this connection, it prevents someone from […]
Web Hosting Server
A web hosting server can be an important part of any business plan. It may be a small detail, but a mismanaged hosting plan can cost a company money in the long run. One of the major problems with hosted servers is that they are controlled by just one company. While a small company may […]
Content Management Systems
Content management systems are becoming a popular addition to a web-hosting plan. While these systems may seem a little bit out of reach, there are ways for new webmasters to use them effectively. If you’re trying to establish your online presence, it will be important to figure out how you can take advantage of this […]
WordPress Logo
WordPress is an open source content management system which allows users to easily create, publish, and manage their blogs. Users can also use WordPress as a blogging platform for their own websites. WordPress comes with a control panel and several plugins to help you build the perfect blog. WordPress comes pre-installed on most popular web […]
Building Business Brand
With the ability to create a professional website, brand it for optimal results, and easily connect with your customers, one may find the need to learn the basics of building a brand. Branding is an important part of any marketing or advertising campaign. Reputation is the cornerstone of the success of any business. Building a […]
Website Trust
One of the biggest challenges in building website trust is the information that is presented to visitors. While there are some information sources, such as newspapers and TV programs, that are unbiased, this does not happen with the majority of online information sources. This can create a great deal of distrust towards the information that […]
Domain Purchase
Domain auctions are a great way to get the names you want for your website for a price that is affordable and ideal for your budget. Some people believe that domain auctions are only for large companies and large businesses and they tend to think that there is no way to buy at an affordable […]
Web hosting concept
Web hosting is the process of providing a virtual space on the internet for the hosting of websites. It is a collaborative effort to develop the website through an appropriate and effective search engine optimization process, allowing visitors to access the website as well as to register and pay the charges. The website uses a […]
Concept of domain authority
A domain authority is a web site’s ranking in Google, the major search engine. It is also known as Domain Authority or Domain Power. In many cases, an individual or organization can earn up to 30% of the search engine results page. So how does one obtain domain authority? The simplest way is to use […]